Detailed site map for No. 9 Duane Street.

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General info on the DSLH.
LHs in general, location, opening date, CAS, Mission of the Immaculate Virgin.

The layout of the place.
Capacity, winter, dimensions, floor-by-floor, roof.

The Superintendent.
Duties, housechores, residence, Heig, O'Connor.

The rules.
Registering, costs, rules of behavior, morning, curfew, chores, rejected lodgers, girls, pets.

The daily grind.
Day/night school, typical census, nationalities of lodgers, meals, clothes, ages, entertainment/games, the Windsor Theatre, savings-bank, Sundays, library, medical care.

Historical newsboys' names.
Names featured in Newsies, other.

Holidays, Roosevelt family, before/after the DLSH, lodging houses still standing, emergency services, 1898 strike, 1899 strike, orphan trains/Farm School, terms.

About the commentary.

From Riis and Campbell.

Photos/illustrations from 1876-1933.

People and Miscellaneous.
Heigs, Brace, commemorative stamp.

The Lodging Houses in Popular Fictional Media.
Stories and films featuring the NY lodging houses.

No. 61 Poplar Street, the Brooklyn Newsboys' Lodging House.
Location, opening, BCAS, registration, present-day, predecessor, non-BCAS lodging houses.


Present-day exterior, newspaper ad.

Other CAS Manhattan lodging houses in 1899.
General info.

Each of the following contains location, construction, opening, building details, standing/demolished.

West Side Lodging House.

Tompkins Square Lodging House.

Exterior: present-day, historical.

Forty-fourth St. Lodging House.

Elizabeth Home for Girls.

Fogg Lodging House.

No. 128 Fulton Street, the original Newsboys' Lodging House.
Location, opening, building details, meals, music lessons, savings-bank, Superintendent, interior images.

No. 49 Park Place, the second Newsboys' Lodging House.
Location, opening, building details, costs and meals, building capacity, Superintendent, Sundays, savings-bank.

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