Layout of the Brooklyn Newsboys' LH.

Cellar (possibly a sub-basement; the wording is not clear):

Two steam boilers for heating of the building, storage for vegetables, supplies, coal-bins. In the northwest corner was a space two stories (17 feet) high, containing the gymnasium.


Large bathroom with tiled floor, 5 bath tubs (enclosed for privacy). Also 24 hand basins and 12 footbaths, all with hot/cold water. Locker-room with 146 lockers for the boys' clothes (each boy was given a key). Laundry-room with porcelain laundry tubs, indoor clothes-drying room.

"Bright, sunny" kitchen. Boys' dining hall with six long tables, seating 125. Staircase from the dining hall led up to...

1st story:

...the night office. This was the first room the boys came into when they entered the building. The Superintendent's desk sat in the middle of the office. A reading-room, a glass-enclosed area in front of the desk, was for reading, quiet games, or just to rest in.

Large room for repair/storage of donated clothing. Vestibule with a stained glass door; hall.

Southwest corner: Small reception area, family dining room (for Supt.'s family I think).

Southeast corner: Offices of BCAS.


Large dormitory with 49 beds. Sewing machine school, a long and narrow room. Rooms for family of Supt. and for servants.


Nearly 16' ceilings. Mostly one large dormitory, nearly 100 beds. A small room for the pricier "private" beds. In the southeast corner of this floor, a large room for sick boys, called "The Cosy."


Attic. Used for storage or extra bed space.

In addition, the building had two fire escapes, and all doors were made to open outward so inhabitants wouldn't be trapped in case of emergency. There was also a clothes chute for dirty laundry, a "glazed earthen pipe constructed within the brick wall."