Sometime between November 1892 and May 1896.


Southeast corner of Fifty-third St. and Eleventh Ave., second lot east of the intersection. The address was given as 532 W Fifty-third St.

Built to replace:

Possibly it replaced the East Side LH, which was situated at 287 E. Broadway. An 1891 newspaper article (exact source unknown) lists the East Side LH as one of the five lodging houses; by 1899, it was no longer in operation.

Construction funded by:

Elizabeth Perkins Fogg, from funds left to her by her late husband, William H. Fogg.

Building dimensions:

Number of stories unknown. Ground dimensions: 50 x 126 feet, with a "chunk" taken out of the back SW corner that looks to be 20 x 60 feet.



Building notes:

This is the LH for which I can find the least information. Even exact opening/closing dates are unknown, aside from the fact that it was still active in 1899.

W. H. Fogg left money for many charitable and educational institutions; the most well-known of these are probably the William H. Fogg Art Museum at Harvard and the Fogg Memorial Building at Berwick Academy (South Berwick, ME).

In Nov. 1892, the CAS had set aside $25,839.45 (out of the $55,000 the Foggs bequeathed to them) to purchase the lot on which to build this LH.

1898 Atlas.

A small piece from the Atlas of the city of New York, Bromley, 1898-1899.

Fifty-third St. runs along the north wall of the building; Eleventh Ave. along the west side.

What became of it?


Still standing?