May 4, 2009:
"No. 61": The playground. The flag. More details on evening classes.
"Park Pl. LH": Other LHs in operation at the time.
"Fulton St. LH": More building details. More details on costs and suppers. More details on Supt. Tracy.

May 3, 2009:
All 1899 LHs, incl. No. 61: Images from 1898-1899 atlases, plus commentary.
"Misc": Closest fire department. Non-newsboy use of "carrying the banner." More examples of the LH in popular fictional media.
"Fogg LH": Ground dimensions corrected.
"No. 61": Evening classes. Other types of industrial school classes. Holidays at the LH.

May 2, 2009:
"Rules": Additional details about the 1897 stabbing.
"Tompkins Sq. LH: Images": 1886 illustration.
"Park Place LH": Request for donations.
"Layout": Location of reading room.
"No. 61": Industrial School.

Apr. 13, 2009:
"Fulton St. LH": 3 new images.

Apr. 11, 2009:
"Park Place Lodging House": New!
The look of the site has been updated yet again for more consistent formatting.
A number of small typos/formatting errors fixed.


Nov. 25, 2008:
The entire site has a new look, re-formatted for a cleaner display and easier reading. Content unchanged except for minor fixes.

Sep. 23, 2008:
"Elizabeth Home for Girls": Private rooms, total number of beds, new landmark status of building. Links to further reading, images.
"Layout": Correction on number of lodgers from Jun. 1900 census information.
"Daily": Information on nationalities of lodging boys, from Jun. 1900 census (birthplace of boys and boys' parents, presented in both numerical and graphical format).

Apr. 5, 2008:
"Layout": See "How was the building laid out?" (Number of beds per dorm, tubs in the washrooms.) June 1900 census (see "How many boys could it hold?").
"Daily": Medical care. More details on the night school (see "What about schooling?"). The library (see "Sundays"). Buying clothes (see "Did the DSLH supply clothes"?). Other residents of the DSLH (see "A typical day's census"). 1900 census age data (see "How old were the boys?").
"Rules": Women (not girls) living at the DSLH (see "Who wasn't let in?").
"Supt.": Hired help (see "Who did the cooking?"). Revised estimated date of Heig's retirement (see "Who was Superintendent of the DSLH in 1899?").

Mar. 25, 2008:
"Daily": The Windsor Theatre (see "Entertainment"). Nationalities of lodgers.
"Rules": Carlo the dog (see "Were pets allowed?").

Feb. 16, 2008:
"Images: Interior": Fixed broken dude room image link (thanks to Melissa).

Jan. 25, 2008:
"Images: Interior": 2 new images (the school room, the dude room).
"Supt.": A quote about Heig, likely from Campbell.
"Fogg LH": Possibly built to replace East Side LH.
"Other LHs": Curfew; lockers.
"West Side LH": Private beds; selling locations.
"Rules": Amended the entry about "Who wasn't let in...?" to confirm the fact that indeed some of the day-time students at the DSLH were girls.
"Daily": More details about the Industrial School (see "What went on during the day...?")
"Misc.": Some details on the 1897 Christmas dinner; who could join in on the holiday dinners.

Jan. 3, 2008:
"Images: Interior": Campbell images restored.


Nov. 20, 2007:
"Images: Interior": 1890's Thanksgiving dinner illustration.

Nov. 16, 2007:
"Images: Interior": 2 new images (dinner, Thanksgiving dinner).
"Daily": Non-sectarian Sunday meetings (see "Sundays"). More details on dinners and lunches (see "What were meals like?").
"Layout": The private beds.
"Rules": Evening passes (see "Was there a curfew?")

Oct. 22, 2007:
New page: "Site map."
"Misc": Added Newsboys' Home to "The LHs in popular fictional media." Added more details about the Farm School (see "The orphan trains").
"Images: Exterior": Note about Uhlig & Co. in 1893 (see "Exterior shot 1").
"Layout": Fixed link to roof photo.
"Home": Disclaimer modified to include all fictional works, not just Newsies.

Oct. 18, 2007:
All pages: Added header links for easier site navigation.
"Misc": Comparing Hollywood's version of the strike to history (see "The LHs in popular fictional media: Newsies"), the Farm School (see "The orphan trains").
"Rules": Age restrictions, non-discrimination rule (see "Who wasn't let in"), paying for supper and usual time of entry (see "What was the procedure").
"Daily": Rules about age restriction and non-discrimination (overlapping topics from "Rules" page), note about bootblacks in later years (see "A typical day's census").

Oct. 11, 2007:
New page: "Fulton Street Lodging House."
"Tompkins Sq. LH: Images": 2 images of the LH in 1928.
"Misc": Orphan trains.

Oct. 9, 2007:
"No. 61: Images": 6 new screencaps from Google Maps Street View.

Oct. 8, 2007:
New page: "Tompkins Sq LH: Images."
"Tompkins Sq LH: Images": 5 present-day images from Google Maps Street View.
"Misc": Going to the hospital.
"No. 61: Images": More info about the screencap from Google Earth plus a new image with a corrected outline.

Aug. 27, 2007:
New page: "Elizabeth Home for Girls."
"Images": "History class." Page has been split into 3 (by category) for easier navigation.
"General": Cost to build the DSLH.

Aug. 15, 2007:
New page: "Tompkins Square Lodging House."
New page: "Fogg Lodging House."
"Resources": New sources added.

May 6, 2007:
"Images": 3 interior illustrations from Campbell. 2 exterior images from 1933.
"Misc": Calling the cops.
"Layout": Exact ground dimensions.

May 1, 2007:
"Misc": Link to NY Law School's site. Note on Mrs. Gracie.
"Images": 2 images of the DSLH roof.
"Gen": Link to CAS official site.
"Rules": Increasing lodging prices.

Apr. 18, 2007:
"Rules": Girls at the DSLH.
"Misc": The DSLH in popular fiction.
"Images": Three illustrations from Campbell.
"Supt.": More details on the length of O'Connor's term as Superintendent.
"Index": Note about Newsies in disclaimer.

Apr. 4, 2007:
New page: "44th St. Lodging House."
"Images": Birds-eye view maps 1903-05, 1879.
"Rules": Incident with the DSLH's dog.

Mar. 29, 2007:
"Daily": The savings-bank. The full week's menu. Membership to the boys' Club (see "entertainment" entry). Details about the gymnasium. Sunday meetings.
"Supt.": Correction to date of Heig's retirement. More details about his time at the DSLH.
"Gen": Quotes describing the Great Jones St. lodging house.
"Resources": Mathew article added.

Mar. 10, 2007:
New page: "West Side Lodging House."
"Images": Newsboy first-day envelope, Charles L. Brace.
"Rules": A visitor's description of the cleaning chores.
"Daily": New clothes for the boys.
"No. 61: Images": BCAS ad asking for clothing donations.

Mar. 1, 2007:
"Images": Tompkins Sq. LH, via Google Earth.
"No. 61: Images": Brooklyn LH, via Google Earth.

Feb. 22, 2007:
New page: "Resources used in putting this site together." More resources added.
"Images": 4 interior illustrations from Campbell.
"Rules": If a boy can't afford to stay. Pets.
"Daily": A typical day's census. Gambling/crap-shooting.

Feb. 12, 2007:
New page: "Other Manhattan LHs."
"General": Additional street addresses for DSLH.
"Misc": Xmas 1896 incident. Correction re: James Roosevelt. Definition of "Carrying the banner." Tompkins Sq. LH may be the "oldest surviving" Manhattan LH.
"Names": 6 historical names added (not used in movie).


Dec. 4, 2006:
"Supt": Link to biographical info on Supt. Heig. Info on Supt. O'Connor.

Oct. 19, 2006:
"Supt": Much more information on Supt. Heig.
"Images": 1910 photo of Supt. Heig and his wife.

Oct. 18, 2006:
"Images": Beal photos added plus detailed commentary.
"Layout": Winter provisions, roof mystery solved.
More entries added to list of sources.
New page: "No. 61: Layout."
New page: "No. 61: Images."
Also added to No. 61: Procedure for spending the night.

Sept. 19, 2006:
"Images": Detailed commentary added for Riis photos.
"Names": Boots, more notes on Jack's name.
"Rules": Expected behavior at special events, incidents of crime, year given for boys who ran away from Farm School (see "Who wasn't let in to spend the night?").
"Misc": Roosevelt's connection to the LHs.

Aug. 21, 2006:
NEW! No. 61 Poplar Street.

Aug. 11, 2006:
"Misc": information about still-existing LH buildings, scabs.

Aug. 8, 2006:
Added category: "Images."
Modfied: "Layout": notes on the roof.
Modfied: "Superintendent": more details on his duties; minor formatting changes.
Moved "Updates" to its own page.

Jul. 31, 2006:
Added category: "Rules." This is the last of the originally-planned major updates.
Minor text/formatting changes on various pages.

Jul. 29, 2006:
Minor front-page text revamp.
Added info about MIV to "General info" page.
Added more details to the LH's later years on "Misc" page.
Added link to Newsiespedia on "Misc" page.

Jul. 13, 2006:
Question about Brooklyn LH page.
Added category: "Superintendent."
Slightly modified: "Layout."

Jul 7, 2006:
New URL! Big thanks to B for providing the webspace!
Added categories: "Layout," "Daily grind."

Jun 29, 2006:
"Historical names" category added, primary sources added.

Jun 23, 2006:
Grand Opening.