Screencapped from Google Earth.

Tompkins Square Lodging House from above, 2007.

The perspective is a bit odd since the satellite angle is such that the buildings' roofs slant toward the bottom left-hand corner of the image.

I have marked the approximate outline of the LH with a faint dashed line. The building to the south (across E. 8th Street) is St. Brigid Church. Off to the east, across Avenue B, is Tompkins Square Park itself.

If you'd like a wider view, check it out on Google Earth. Coordinates are 40°43'32.48"N, 73°58'49.84"W.


Screencapped from Google Maps, 2007. (Thanks to Ponyboy for the suggestion.)

These are all images from Google Maps' then-new "Street View" feature. I went a bit nuts with the screencapping, but the shots are too good to pass up. As with all views using this feature, there is some distortion of the image.

Apologies to Ponyboy for taking nearly four months to implement the suggestion.

Front door.

View of front door from Eighth St. You can just see the roofs of parked cars at the bottom of the frame. It looks like there is writing above the door, but it's not legible even with zoom.

Front door view 2.

Another view of the front door, this time from farther east along Eighth St.

SW corner.

View of the southwest corner of the LH, standing at the junction of Eighth St. and Avenue B. Tompkins Square Park is to the camera's left.

SW corner, view 2.

Another view of the southwest corner, this time from slightly south of the Eighth St./Avenue B intersection. View has been tilted up as much as "Street View" will allow, in order to show the roof.

The dark structure (on the right hand side of the frame) partially blocking the view of the LH is from the south side of Eighth St. (i.e., across the street from the LH), at the site of St. Brigid's Church.

East side.

An unfortunately fuzzy view of the east side of the LH, taken from just north of the Eighth St./Avenue B intersection.


Tompkins Square LH, 1928, view 1.

A link to the NYPL Digital Gallery.

Nice clear shot of the southwest corner of the building. In the foreground, across the street from the LH, is Tompkins Square Park.

The back of the image reads, "127 Ave. B., at the N.E. corner of East 8th Street. Building shown was, prior to 1922, used by the Children's Aid Society. At present (1936) it houses the Talmud Torah Darchei Noam, a jewish [sic] School. September 31, 1928."

Tompkins Square LH, 1928, view 2.

A link to the NYPL Digital Gallery.

These photos feature St. Brigid's Church, but if you look at the picture on the right, the LH can be seen at the left side of the frame, behind the church. The camera is in the Park, across the street from and south of the LH. Photo is dated August 31, 1928.

Interesting bit of trivia: the twin spires on St. Brigid's Church are no longer there in present day.

Tompkins Square LH, 1886.

Scroll down to the seventh image.

Harper's Weekly, Mar. 6, 1886. The article is titled "Another Newsboys' Home." I do not know the text of the article itself. Caption on the illustration reads "Newsboys' Lodging House, Eighth Street And Avenue B, New York."

Note that this was a full year before the LH was opened.

1898 Atlas.

A small piece from the Atlas of the city of New York, Bromley, 1898-1899.

Here it's referred to as the 11th Ward Boys' Lodging House. The street running along its west side is Avenue B.