No. 9 Duane Street, The Newsboys' Lodging House history site

Welcome to No. 9 Duane Street. Here you'll find the history of the the Duane Street Lodging House in Manhattan, circa the 1899 Newsboys' Strike.

If you're interested in the Brooklyn Newsboys' Lodging House, be sure to stop by the Brooklyn offshoot of this site, No. 61 Poplar Street.

As the site has quickly grown after its first year to 24 pages, I have now added a detailed site map.

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Jun. 6, 2017
All pages: General formatting and text cleanup; nearly 20 images were re-uplodated for easier viewing; removed link to discontinued guestbook.
"Superintendent": Removed link to discontinued Muller Family site.
Jan. 4, 2010
"Misc": Added link to Extra! Extra! The Orphan Trains and Newsboys of New York (see "Orphan Trains").
Aug. 29, 2009
"Other LHs": Where boys worked.
"Rules": Lights out and fines (see "Was there a curfew?"); baths before breakfast (see "Rules for the morning").
"Daily": Dinner bell (see "What were meals like?"); singing school; Saturday gym classes (see "Gymnasium").
"Misc": Counterfeit collectors; a note that the number of Fleiss' dinners was inconsistently reported (see "Major holidays"); correction about Duane St. firehouse (see "Firemen").
Jul. 3, 2009.
"The LHs in Popular Fictional Media": New page created; Riis' short story.
"Daily": Basket ball match with visitors (see "What was available in the gymnasium?").
"Rules": Runaways.
"Misc": Observations from Riis in 1912 (see "What became of the DSLH?").
May 6, 2009.
"Images: Interior": Photo from New York In Fiction.
"No. 61": The Superintendent/Matron.
"Misc": Added Elizabeth Home to list of still-standing LHs.

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Not at all. While this site contains information on the New York Newsboys' Lodging Houses, the site itself is wholly unofficial, established out of personal interest in the subject.

Is everything here guaranteed to be 100% correct?

Sorry, no. I'm no academic expert on the subject. I can only guarantee that I've done a great deal of research on it (cross-referenced wherever possible), and this is what I've found to date, which is as accurate as I know it to be.


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